Anti Virus Software

I am often asked what is the best Anti Virus software, to me the best Anti-Virus software is one that simply ‘does what it says on the tin’ and doesn’t interfere with your machine speed (too much); and for me that solution is ESET
ESET-logoI was so impressed with the system I became a Partner.
Its a little more expensive than others (by a £ or two) but it’s quick, uses very little resources (memory etc), and updates itself in the background whilst on line.


For all your email Anti Virus and Spam needs

Confidence in AV protection

For businesses who use more than 5 computers


A great utility that scans your PC if your current AV has been disabled – only for Partners


Businesses that have servers it also offers a central administration section so all computers update from the server instead of going on line, reducing the bandwidth requirement.


Not so Favourites…

An effective AV solution, however i’m not keen on the daily scanning that is automatically configured (this can be turned off or rescheduled)

AVG Free
A popular choice with home users mainly because its free, however if you receive a lot of emails i would strongly suggest one the other solutions above.

Once upon a time, Norton was an incredibly good package. However I find it more intrusive than useful nowadays. It seems they have gone fro one extreme to providing a fast effective program to one that tries to tell you  what you’re machine needs doing.

Like Norton, I find this also interferes too much with day-to-day running. If it concentrated purely on protecting you and not what you should be doing it would be great.

Again these are my personal choices and should not be deemed as a definitive list of Anti-Virus options.