Windows Security Phone Scam

scamaware34There is a company, or several companies, cold calling homes and saying they are from Windows Security and that the computer in the house has a few issues.

They then get the owner to go to the computer and load up a remote admin tool, simetimes teamviewer and sometimes other bespoke software. Once they gain admin they load an image that says there are thousands of infections and potential virus’s; They don’t actually exist!

To remove these ‘bugs’ it will cost you up to ¬£70 and the money is taken via paypal.

I have had one of these companies call me and was able to interrogate the caller for a few minutes before they hung up;  basically they say are calling on behalf of Microsoft and do sound legitimate but do not be fooled РTHIS IS A SCAM!

If a company cold calls you and tells you there are issues with your computer – call your local computer guy – wherever you are. DO NOT allow a company you have never met or know to get access to your computer.

Be safe out there..