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Anti Virus Software

I am often asked what is the best Anti Virus software, to me the best Anti-Virus software is one that simply ‘does what it says on the tin’ and doesn’t interfere with your machine speed (too much).

This may cause some controversy as some other I.T Companies may disagree my recommendations but, after many years seeing the options, I have my own choices and are not being a partner of any AV Company

My absolute favourite AV Solution. Its a little more expensive then Kaspersky but is quick, uses very little resources (memory etc), and updates itself in the background whilst on line.
For Businesses that have servers it also offers a central administration section so all computers update from the server instead of going on line, reducing the bandwidth requirement.

A lower cost solution to NOD32  but basically offering the same functionality. Its very cost effective and simple to use but does take up a bit more memory so not for older computers.


Not so Favrourites…

An effective AV solution, however i’m not keen on the daily scanning that is automatically configured (this can be turned off or rescheduled)

AVG Free
A popular choice with home users mainly because its free, however if you receive a lot of emails i would strongly suggest one the other solutions above.

Once upon a time, Norton was an incredibly good package. However I find it more intrusive than useful nowadays. It seems they have gone fro one extreme to providing a fast effective program to one that tries to tell you  what you’re machine needs doing.

Like Norton, I find this also interferes too much with day-to-day running. If it concentrated purely on protecting you and not what you should be doing it would be great.

Again these are my personal choices and should not be deemed as a definitive list of Anti-Virus options.

Windows Security Phone Scam

There is a company, or several companies, cold calling homes and saying they are from Windows Security and that the computer in the house has a few issues.

They then get the owner to go to the computer and load up a remote admin tool, simetimes teamviewer and sometimes other bespoke software. Once they gain admin they load an image that says there are thousands of infections and potential virus’s; They don’t actually exist!

To remove these ‘bugs’ it will cost you up to £70 and the money is taken via paypal.

I have had one of these companies call me and was able to interrogate the caller for a few minutes before they hung up;  basically they say are calling on behalf of Microsoft and do sound legitimate but do not be fooled – THIS IS A SCAM!

If a company cold calls you and tells you there are issues with your computer – call your local computer guy – wherever you are. DO NOT allow a company you have never met or know to get access to your computer.

Be safe out there..


Windows Antivirus 2010

This rogue Malware will ‘scan your computer’ and report various Virus and Trojan infections, but won’t clean them unless you buy the anti-virus cleaner. However the report it gives shows legitimate Windows programs, so if you try and manully delete them you may stop windows working altogether

Screen shots:

antivirus-2010antivirus-2010 results


Antivirus 2010 will also prevent you from running any programs, this is a defense mechanism and you may be greeted with the following error

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

If you are you can use a simple method; go to a Command Prompt and type the following command to give the Everyone group permission to use the file again:

cacls <full path to the program> /G Everyone:F

As an example, if you attempt to launch Malwarebytes’ and it gives the above error, then you would type cacls “c:\program files\Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware\mbam.exe” /G Everyone:F and press enter on your keyboard. Once you enter that command and press enter, everyone on your computer will then have access to the file again.


To Remove it

Start windows in safe mode
click on Start Button -> the RUN
Type MSCONFIG and press enter

You will be greeted with a box in the middle of the screen
click the Startup TAB and look for any entries that look ‘odd’ , it may be a word thats complete nonses such as olfdvvidk.dll or something similar.
Simply untick the startup option, apply and exit – your machine will reset

This will simply stop the file from running at startup

You will need to download and install MalwareBytes from

As soon as you’ve downloaded it – run it – update the database and you should be good to go after an hour or so.